Monday, May 7, 2012

PULSE II: Meet The Artist

Akram Fadl 

“My work embodies a personal history filled with different experiences and discoveries over 10 years. I am influenced by Music, Beauty, Death, Spiritual elements and Surroundings in my work. The artwork comprises diverse techniques to express my personal visions.[It] is based on spiritual gestures and moments of purity when you become united with your soul in a pursuit of answers and guidance. You lose the senses related to the real world to enter a journey full of wonders.”

Untitled, Akram Fadl, 100cm x 80cm, Oil on canvas, 2012

In a skillful manner, Fadl’s portraits emerge out of a dark toned base. Entitled “Mesmerized” are a series of three portraits. One of which is frontal, the other blurred, and another pondering. The captivating portraits are loaded with emotions, while the palette used is generally dark, highlighting the mystic atmosphere that Fadl continues to create. Thin, red, brush strokes run through each of the three canvases, which creates movement and emphasizes continuity and search.

"Mesmerized" Akram Fadl, 30cm x 40cm, Oil on canvas, 2012

"Mesmerized" Akram Fadl, 30cm x 40cm, Oil on canvas, 2012

"Mesmerized" Akram Fadl, 30cm x 40cm, Oil on canvas, 2012

“Akram Fadl’s captivating portraits. Immersed in darkness, each piece resembles a figure withstanding a whirlwind of emotion. Fadl shows impressive skill in imprinting feeling on dark portraits, setting off a trance of contemplation” (Sara Elkamel, Al Ahram Online).

Akram Fadl, 100 cm x 100 cm, Oil on canvas, 2012


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